Omega FPUD1000 Series

FPUD1100, FPUDM1100, FPUDV1100, FPUDVM Series

Diaphragm-Type Injection Metering Pumps

The FPUD1000 Series are positive displacement metering pumps. The FPUD1000 Series is designed to inject chemicals into piping systems and is capable of injecting against a high system pressure up to 150 psi (10.4 bar). All models are equipped with a front mounted mechanical flow rate adjustment knob.

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• Large Outlet Flowrate up to 360 GPD/1363 Liters per Day

High Outlet Pressure Capability of 150 PSIG (10.4 bar) (Most Models)

• Easy Access, Front Mounted Mechanical Feed Rate Adjustment

• Ball Bearing Supported Motor Drive Shaft

• Permanently Lubricated Ball Bearing Motor

• Digital Electronic Feed Rate Control Available

• 20:1 Adjustment Turn Down Ratio (FPUD1000 Basic Model Only)

• 4000:1 Adjustment Turn Down Ratio (Digital Models)

• Pump Service Inpection Warning Timer (Digital Models)

• Acceptable for Indoor Use [NEMA 3R (IP14)]


Max Working Pressure: 10.3 bar (150 psig)
Max Fluid Temperature: 54°C (130°F)
Ambient Temperature: -10 to 43°C (14 to 110°F)
Max Viscosity: 1000 centipoise
Max Suction Lift: 3 m (10') water, 0 psig
Stroke Adjustment Range: 20:1, 5 to 100% stroke length
Cycle Time Adjustment Range (FPUD1100 Models Only): 20:1, 5 to 100% cycle time
Motor Speed Adjustment Range (FPUDM and FPUDVM Models Only): 20:1, 5 to 100%
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Enclosure: NEMA (IP21), FPUD1100 & FPUDM models; NEMA 3R (IP23), FPUDV and FPUDVM models; VALOX® thermoplastic
Wetted Materials: Polypropylene pump head, footvalve/strainer and check valve body/insert, PVDF cartridge valve body and tube adaptors, ceramic check balls; TFE/P and FKM O-rings; Hastelloy C-276 spring
Power: 115 Vac/60 Hz; 1.87 A max; 220 Vac/60 Hz, 220 or 240 Vac/50 Hz also available (special order only)
Connections: 38" OD suction and discharge tubing
Dimensions: 159 H x 235 W x 254 mm D (6.25 x 9.25 x 10")
Weight: 5.4 kg (12 lb) max PFUDV Digital Display Models Additional Specifications
External Speed Control: 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 Vdc, and pulse inputs
Display: LCD; indicate motor speed or input signal values, and service and alarm indicator icons
Dimensions: 159 H x 267 W x 254 mm D (6.25 x 10.5 x 10")


Diaphragm-Fixed Speed Variable Speed Max Feed Rate @ 0 psi

Mechanical Stroke


60 Seconds Adjustable

Cycle Time

Dial Knob










FPUDM1101 FPUD1101 FPUDVM1101 FPUDV1101 360.0* 15.0 56.8
FPUDM1102 FPUD1102 FPUDVM1102 FPUDV1102 305.7* 12.7 48.2
FPUDM1103 FPUD1103 FPUDVM1103 FPUDV1103 260.8* 10.8 41.1
FPUDM1104 FPUD1104 FPUDVM1104 FPUDV1104 155.9* 6.4 24.6
FPUDM1105 FPUD1105 FPUDVM1105 FPUDV1105 119.7* 4.9 18.9
FPUDM1106 FPUD1106 FPUDVM1106 FPUDV1106 91.2* 3.8 14.4
FPUDM1107 FPUD1107 FPUDVM1107 FPUDV1107 73.0* 3.0 11.5
FPUDM1108 FPUD1108 FPUDVM1108 FPUDV1108 57.7* 2.4 9.1
FPUDM1109 FPUD1109 FPUDVM1109 FPUDV1109 38.0* 1.5 6.0

* Note: 260.8 GPD = 100 psi maximum; 305.7 GPD = 80 psi maximum; 360.0 GPD = 25 psi maximum.



Model No. Description
TYPE-3814-100 ³⁄₈ x ¹⁄₄" PE tubing, 30 m (100')
TYSP5F-3814-50 ³⁄₈ x ¹⁄₄" santoprene tubing, 15 m (50')
FPUD1000-V Top and bottom valve assembly kit
FPUD1000-BC Bullet cartridges (4-pack)
FPUD1000-D Diaphragm PTFE/EP
FPUD1000-PHK Complete pumphead kit (pumphead, top and bottom
valves, diaphragm and 4 mounting screws)
FPU1000-IF Injection fitting
FPUSV-V Foot valve strainer
FPU1000-AB Armature bearings (life cycle, 5000 hours)
PUD1000A-BK Replacement brush kit for analog models
FPUD1000D-BK Replacement brush kit for digital models



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