Omega FPU500 / FPU5MT

Peristaltic Pump and Pump Motor

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• Stainless Steel Rotor Assembly

• Ideal for Use in Sterile, Corrosive, or General Operating Environments

• Flowrates from 1.0 to 2280 mL/Min (36 GPH)

• Mounts Directly onto OMEGAFLEX ® Motor or Compatible Pump Motor

• Easily Stackable Mounting for Multichannel Pumping

• Three-Roller Geometry Reduces Pulsation and Improves Priming

• Polysulfone Housing for Durability and Chemical Resistance


• Digital Display of Flowrate, RPM, Total Volume, Fluid Temperature (°F or °C), Flow Duration, or Tube ID

• Flow Rate 1.0 to 2280 mL/Min (10 to 600 RPM) Reversible

• Easy-to-Read Display

• Type K SMP Female Thermocouple Input

• Tachometer Feedback, ±0.5% Speed Control

• Accepts Two Pumps, One on Each Side or Two Stacked Together

• Membrane Keypad for Easy Calibration

• Remote Control Options Aux. In: Remote Start/Stop Aux. Out: Remote Monitor

• Built-In Electronic Braking and Reversing for Fast Stops and Directional Changes

• Accepts Metric or English Tube Sizes

• Displays Information in English, French, Spanish, German, or Italian

The FPU500 Series peristaltic pumps from OMEGA offer exceptional simplicity, ease of use, and variable flow capability. A motor turns the pump’s rollers, which squeeze fluid through precision-bore tubing in a wavelike motion. The fluid does not come into contact with the pump; only the outside wall of the tubing does. This makes these pumps ideal for use in sterile, corrosive, or general fluid flow operating environments.

The pump is self-priming and non-siphoning. When one section of the tube fatigues, simply move the tube along to an unused section and continue pumping. No tools are required to load the tube. A precision-molded tubing cavity provides the proper occlusion for the recommended tubing. A tube clamp holds the tubing securely in place. Tubing is easily changed without removing the pump.

One pump can be used for many different applications, or you can mount two pumps onto the motor. The pumps work with a wide variety of OMEGAFLEX® plastic tubing. Vinyl, FKM, Tygon, silicone, Santoprene, and Norprene® tubing can be purchased in a broad range of sizes. The standard rotor assembly is made of stainless steel.

The FPU500 pump can be purchased with an optional adaptor plate that can be used to mount the pump to a motor other than the FPU5-MT pump motor. The pump comes standard with 2 short mounting screws, used to mount one pump at a time. If you need to stack two pumps, order long mounting screws.

Maximum Back Pressure: 20 psi
Maximum RPM to Prime: 100 RPM
Tube Wall: 1.6 mm (116")
Fluid Temperature Range: -46 to 149°C (-50 to 300°F)
Dimensions, Pump: 102 H x 102 W x 57 mm D (4 x 4 x 2¼")
Optional Mounting Plate: 76 H x 64 W x 3.2 mm D (3 x 2½ x 18")
Weight, Pump: 408 g (14.4 oz)
Optional Mounting Plate: 91 g (32 oz)
Maximum Tubing Size: 8 mm (516")
Maximum Tube Durometer: 65 Shore A

The OMEGAFLEXR FPU5-MT pump motor offers microprocessor control and a digital display, and is designed to be fully compatible with OMEGA's FPU500 pump. No mounting plate is needed, just two mounting screws. A 110 HP (75 W) motor provides flow rates of up to 2280 mL/minute. The user enters values and controls all operations through a convenient membrane keypad. A dot matrix LCD provides for easy viewing. Calibrating the unit is easy with the user-friendly control software. Simply select a tubing size and the desired flow rate, and the pump motor locks in the required RPM. Select nominal calibration values stored in ROM (read only memory) or calibrate via gravimetric or flowmeter measurements. Fluid temperature may be displayed (using an optional thermocouple probe). The last flow settings are stored in memory when the drives are shut off.

Motor: Reversible, 110 HP (75 W), 90 Vdc
Display: 16-character dot matrix LCD, 9 mm H (38") characters
Power: 90 to 130 Vac, 1.5 A; 190 to 260 Vac, 0.8 A
Line Cord: 1.8 m (6') with U.S. standard plug on 115 Vac units; European plug on 230 Vac units
Housing: Painted sheet metal with rubber feet; units are stackable
Dimensions: 152 H x 254 W x 254 mm D (6 x 10 x 10")
Weight: 8.2 kg (18 lb)

Model No. Description
FPU5-MT-110 Pump motor (110 Vac)
FPU5-MT-220 Pump motor (220 Vac)
FPU500 Peristaltic pump



Model No. Description
FPU500-AP Adaptor plate
FPU500-LMS Long mounting screws (2)
FPU500-SMS Short mounting screws (2)
FPU500-RA Replacement rotor assembly

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