Omega FPUD300 Series

Motor Driven Drum Pumps with Corrosion-Resistant Construction

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OMEGA’s FPUD300 Series drum pumps can empty a wide variety of containers in various applications. Motor types available are singlephase, 115 or 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz, continuous duty; and air driven.

Both the FPUD311 and FPUD321 electric motors are open drip-proof (ODP), while the FPUD362 is a totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor.

All three AC motors are thermaloverload protected with a manual reset, and all three include internal cooling fan, built-in on/off switch, 3.6 m (12'), three-wire cord; both 115 Vac motors include a grounded wall plug.

The air operated unit has a ¼ MNPT fitting for hooking up to a customersupplied air hose, and includes a flow-regulating valve and muffler. An optional air lubricator/filter assembly is also available.

When pumping flammable or combustible materials, or for work in explosive environments use the FPUD331 air motor with a stainless steel tube.

FPUD3-P Series tubes include a variable orifice on the outlet to limit flows to 10, 20, 30, or 40 GPM. Refer to the performance curve graphs on next page for flow rate vs. discharge head data, and flow rate vs time for the rechargeable battery model. All FPUD3 Series pump tubes are sealless to insure leakproof operation. See tubing products in section T.


• Rugged Industrial Construction

Wide Variety of Available Motors

Pump Tubes and Motors Supplied Separately for Maximum Flexibility

Corrosion-Resistant Polypropylene or 316SS Materials

Sealless Pump Tubes for Leak-Proof Operation

Pump Tube Wetted Parts:
    FPUD3-P: Polypropylene, Inconel, and PTFE
    FPUD3-S: 316SS, PTFE, and Halar
Pump Tube Operating Temperature:
    Polypropylene: 71.1°C (160°F);
    316SS: 104°C (220°F) Electric and Air Motors
Pump Capability: 40 gpm, 24 m (80') TDH, 30-minute run-dry; air 30 gpm, 18 m (60') HD
Pump Capability: 9 gpm, 4' TDH
Max Fluid Viscosity: 100 cps, 1.6 specific gravity


Pump Motors

Model No. HP RPM Power Phase Hz Type Weight kg (lb)
FPUD311-A 1⁄2
115 Vac 1 50/60 ODP/IP24 3.6 (8)
FPUD321-A** 1⁄2 10,000 230 Vac 1 50/60 ODP/IP24 3.6 (8)
FPUD362 1⁄2 10,000 115 Vac 1 50/60 TEFC 6.4 (14)
FMXD11-AM** 3⁄4 3000 Air 100 psig @ 25 cfm N/A N/A Air 3.2 (7)

* Variable speed 3500 to 10,000 RPM.
**CE certified

Accessories for Pump Motors

Model No. Description
FPUD345-FL Filter-lubricator assembly for FPUD3
FPUD34-SK Static protection kit for FPUD331

Pump Tubes

Model No.

Tube Outlet



Length m (ft)


kg (lb)

Polypro (2" OD)

Both 1" ID

Hose and

11⁄4 MNPT

0.7 (2.25) 2.3 (5)
FPUD3-P40 1.0 (3.33) 2.3 (5)
FPUD3-P48 1.2 (4) 3.2 (7)
316SS (2" OD)

1" ID



0.7 (2.25) 4.5 (10)
FPUD3-S40 1.0 (3.33) 5.5 (12)
FPUD3-S48 1.2 (4) 7.7 (17)

Accessories for Pump Tubes

Model No. Description
FPUD5-SDA 316 SS drum adaptor with 2" IPS thread
FPUD5-PDA Polypropylene drum adaptor with 2" IPS thread
FPUD3-WB Wall mount bracket (grips tube)
FPUD3-PS Polypropylene inlet strainer for FPUD3-P series ONLY

Comes complete with operator’s manual. AC pump motors include integral power cords.
Power cords for 115 Vac models include grounded wall plugs

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