Omega FPUDT1500 Series

Heavy Duty Diaphragm-Type Injector Metering Pumps

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The FPUDT1500 Series injector pumps feature a heavy-duty cartridge valve pumphead made of injection-molded polypropylene. The pump includes double-sealed PVDF cartridge valve fittings, FKM O-ring seals, ceramic ball checks, Hastelloy C valve springs, and a PTFE/EPDM diaphragm. Units with the optional built-in electronic percentage 5 second cylce timer allow the user to adjust the feed rate with just the timer or to adjust both the stroke of the diaphragm and the timer for precise feed control. The pump can also be purchased as part of a tank system. See FPUTS1500.


• Single Intake and Discharge

Check Valve Design

Quick Adjusting Feed Mechanism

Heavy-Duty Cartridge Pumphead

PTFE /EPDM Diaphragm

Optional Timer Available

Supplied with Flow Indicator and 7.5 m (25') of Tubing

Can be Wall- or Shelf-Mounted

100% Duty Cycle

Model No. Maximum GPD Maximum mL/min Strokes/min Maximum psi
FPUDT1501 6.6 22 14 125
FPUDT1502 12.9 34 14 125
FPUDT1503* 16.3 46 30 125
FPUDT1504* 30 82 30 125
FPUDT1505* 26.6 77 45 125
FPUDT1506* 49.0 129 45 125
FPUDT1507* 31.1 92 60 125
FPUDT1508* 57.7 158 60 125
FPUDT1509* 68.4 180 125 125
119.7 315 125 70

Comes complete with fittings, adaptors, flow indicator, 1.5 m (5') each of polyethylene and vinyl tubing, and operator’s manual.
* Available with built-in stroke and time interval adjustment. To order, add suffix “-D” to model number, for additional cost.

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