Omega FPUTS1500 Series

Pump/Tank Metering Systems

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The FPUTS1500 Series metering systems are efficient and selfcontained, consisting of a sturdy polyethylene tank and an injector pump. They are available in 7-, 15-, or 30-gallon capacities. The tank is rectangular for convenient storage and features a multi‑position opening that lets the user open, close, or vent the lid. Features of the injector pump include a heavy-duty cartridge valve pumphead of injectionmolded polypropylene, outfitted with PVDF fittings, ceramic ball checks, FKM O-ring seals, and Hastelloy C valve springs; a durable PTFE/EPDM diaphragm; attractive weatherresistant black Valox® housing; a ball bearing gear motor; and a flow indicator. An optional built-in electronic percentage timer allows even more precise control. With this timer, the user can adjust the feed or the diaphragm strokes.



• Single Intake and Discharge Check Valve Pump Design

• Quick-Adjusting Feed Mechanism

• Polyethylene Tank with UV Inhibitor

• 7-, 15-, or 30-Gallon Tank Sizes

• 100% Duty Cycle


Output Accuracy: ±10% of maximum (water)
Maximum Pressure: 8.6 bar (125 psig)
Maximum Fluid Temperature: 54°C (130°F)
Maximum Viscosity: 1000 centipoise
Maximum Suction Lift: 3 m (10') water
Turndown Ratio: 27:1



Tank Model FTNK-7 FTNK-15 FTNK-30
Weight, kg (lb) 8.6 (19) 12.2 (27) 15.9 (35)
Capacity, gal 7 15 30
Height (A), mm (in) 445 (17.5) 559 (22) 689 (27)
Width (B), mm (in) 305 (12) 394 (15.5) 508 (20)
Depth (C), mm (in) 406 (16) 495 (19.5) 610 (24)



7-Gal. Capacity
Model No.
15-Gal. Capacity
Model No.
30-Gal. Capacity
Model No.
FPUTS1501 FPUTS1501-15 FPUTS1501-30 14 3.4 22
FPUTS1503 FPUTS1503-15 FPUTS1503-30 30 8.3 46
FPUTS1505 FPUTS1505-15 FPUTS1505-30 45 26.6 77
FPUTS1507 FPUTS1507-15 FPUTS1507-30 60 16.3 92
FPUTS1509 FPUTS1509-15 FPUTS1509-30 125 68.4 180

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