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PUMPEX new sludge pumps, series SK - is a complete range, from 3" to 6", of heavy duty, transportable, sludge pumps in cast iron.
PUMPEX sludge pumps SK 65-155 are available in high head and high flow versions with submersible motors from 1.3 to 25 kW.

The SK range is an important extention of Pumpex well known SP sludge pump series.

Product benefits Pumpex SK pumps

Trouble free and safe handling
PUMPEX sludge pump SK is a portable pump and features a sturdy stainless steel handle and a robust ductile iron stand.
Non overloading performance
All SK sludge pumps can operate over the entire performance curve without overloading the motor.
Easy service and maintenance
Modular design through the complete range with interchangeable spare parts makes maintenance and service easier.
Dry running capability
A closed cooling system enables the PUMPEX SK 83-155 to run dry, with no damage to the mechanical seals or the motor.
Solids handling capability
The SK sludge pumps are fitted with free flow vortex impeller and pump housing that provides excellent non clogging performance.
High reliability
PUMPEX SK 83-155 have cartridge seal unit with double mechanical seals for long life even under the most demanding operating conditions.
Environmentally safe
The oil housing on the SK 65-80 is filled with environmentally safe white oil and l friendly protection coatings are used on all the surfaces.
Explosion proof option
All SK sludge pumps are available in explosion proof versions EExd IIB T4 and ATEX.
High flexibility
The pump can operate in any position, vertical or horizontal.

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