Oil/water heat exchanger

BL Series brazed PHE oil cooler

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Hydraulic Oil Heat Exchanger with Efficient Heat Transfer for Hydraulic Oil Cooling


Heat exchangers are used to exchange heat between two fluids. Plate heat exchangers are high performance

components and provide a high level of efficiency combined with compact dimensions and low weight. Their

efficiency reduces the amount of cooling water required for heat transfer which results in low operating costs.


Plates and connections are manufactured from stainless steel to AISI 316, vacuum brazed with cooper. The

special moulding of the plates produces the turbulent flow necessary for effective heat transfer and provides

the plate heat exchanger with a high level of mechanical strength.

Operating Details
Water glycol
HFC operating fluids
The quantity of particles in suspension should be less than 10 mg/l, particle size <0.6mm

Thread like particles cause a rapid rise in pressure drops.

Temperature range:

10C to 225C (freezing point and boiling point must be taken into consideration)


Max 45 bar up to 225C, testing pressure 60 bar.


The following limits refer to a PH value of 7

Free chlorine. CL2<0.5ppm

Chloride ions CL

<700 ppm at 20C

<200 ppm at 50C

Other limits


SULPHATE so4 2-<100 ppm

[HCO3]/[SO4 2-]>1

Ammonia, NH3< 10 ppm

Free co< 10 ppm

The following ions are not corrosive under normal conditions:
Phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, iron, manganese, sodium and potassium

Hydraulic oil cooling, Electricity and cogeneration applications, marine oil cooling, turbine engine oil cooler, automotive, construction, railways, steel industry

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