Heat exchanger water heater

15 GPM | 415 series

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Flo-Rite-Temp Model 415 Instantaneous Steam/Water Heater features a 4" diameter shell and a non-helical straight internal tube bundle with end cap.
Flo-Rite-Temp Model 415 has 15 GPM capacity with 15PSI steam at a 100°F temperature rise. It features a unique feed forward design which features a differential pressure diaphragm actuated mixing unit integral to a shell and tube heat exchanger.

The Flo-Rite-Temp Model 415 mixing unit manages the water flow through the heat exchanger based upon downstream hot water demand and eliminates the requirement for a modulating steam control valve.

Operating on constant low pressure (2-15PSI) steam, it mixing unit supplies water to the heat exchanger where it is overheated and then returned to the mixing unit for proportional re-mixing with cold water to a pre-set outlet temperature.

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