Oil / water separator for ships PETROLIMINATOR

A complete pollution-prevention solution for bilge water, the PetroLiminator is a U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved oily water separator (OWS) that easily handles phase-separated oil, emulsified oil and water. Properly used, the system takes suction directly from the ship's bilge or oily water collection tank and reduces the total petroleum hydrocarbons to less than 15 parts per million. Emulsified oil is easily handled by the system, whether caused by detergents and/or the ship's mechanical systems.
This automated bio-mechanical system is safe, reliable and requires low maintenance. Unlike conventional oil water separators, the PetroLiminator actually destroys oil and grease using naturally occurring bacteria. The technology used in the PetroLiminator has been successfully used in hundreds of land-based applications since the 1970's. Now, the PetroLiminator has been improved and specially designed for shipboard applications. EnSolve received a patent in 1998 for shipboard use of the PetroLiminator.

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